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Intro to Writing Continuing Education Courses for Nurses - DEMO


What Should the Outline Include?

The outline should include the c chapters (which are the topic for that chapter) further broken down into the subtopics of the subject, and a reference list. Sometimes you will want to include appendix(es), charts, graphs, resources.

Instructional Course Curriculum Example:

Chapter 1: Urinary Catheterize of a Female Patient

  • Urinary catherization is a procedure that must be done in a sterile fashion.
  •  Bacteria from a non-sterile procedure into the bladder can cause a urinary tract infection.
  • Before catheterizing, review Dr/care providers orders.

Chapter 2: Supplies Required

  • Note the type of supplies needed by reviewing dr./care providers orders to complete catheterization: catheter type and size, sheet,, gloves, sterile solution.

Chapter 3: Patient Positioning

  • Comfort and access to perform procedure

Chapter 4: Procedure

  • Explain procedure to patient
  • Obtain consent
  • Review allergies
  • Written and visual instruction on catheter preparation and insertion (appendix or further handouts/videos etc.)
  • Perform catheterization
  • Assess for patency
  • Secure catheter
  • Document. Color clarity, volume, how patient tolerated procedure, any unusual outcomes, etc. Handout on how to document procedure

Chapter 5: Aftercare Instruction

  • Review signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection with patient, Handout for patient.
  • Peri care instructions for patient
  • Proper positioning for catheter to flow to bag
  • Instructions on catheter obstruction, balloon pulling out, etc
  • Instruction on when to seek medical advice or emergency care

Chapter 6: Further Resources

Chapter 7: References

For an informational/educational course the following outline is an example of a course I wrote on digestive health:

Chapter 1:  Definitions Related to the Digestive Process

  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Secretion
  • Excretion

Chapter 2:  Anatomy and Function of Digestive System

  • Mouth and teeth 
  • Pharynx/esophagus
  • Stomach and layers of stomach
  • Gastric glands and secretions
  • Three phases of gastric acid secretions
  • Gastric glands anatomy
  • Small intestine
  • Layers of small intestine
  • Duodenum
  • Jejunum
  • Ilium
  • Villi and microvilli
  • Appendix
  • Large intestine

Note how the chapter “flows” through the digestive process, from the mouth to the large intestine. This helps produce a very to write chapter and helps the student follow the function for each of the digestive organs in a logical order.

Other chapters left out; I think you get the picture!

Chapter 10: Further Resources

Chapter 11: References

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