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Intro to Writing Continuing Education Courses for Nurses - DEMO


Elements of an Introduction

The introduction of a course is essentially your “selling” the course to your audience. The four parts elements of the introduction are:

Part 1: A catchy introductory phrase in which the reader is intrigued and wants to know more. Usually, this is a topic that caught their interest due to either current trends in nursing or a desire to know more of the subject matter.

Part 2: After the introductory phase the next part would be what the problem the reader may be experiencing is. This can range from a hands-on approach of a how-to course to a book learning opportunity.

Part 3: The next part is where you, the author, establish yourself as the authority or expert on the topic.

Part 4: And the final portion of the introduction brings the reader back to the beginning. This part can be the motivating factor that drives sales of your course.

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