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Therapeutic Diets: An Introduction - DEMO


There are many situations when a therapeutic diet is ordered for a resident. A therapeutic diet is part of a treatment to manage a disease or clinical condition, increase or decrease a specific nutrient (i.e. sodium, potassium), or to provide food that a resident is able to eat due to difficulty they may be experiencing with chewing or swallowing food (i.e. mechanically altered diet). A mechanically altered diet is a diet in which the texture of food and/or beverages is altered (i.e. chopped, pureed, thickened liquids).

If a resident is provided with a food item or beverage that is not included in their prescribed diet, the resident could experience further health complications, serious injury, or even death. For example, if a resident is on a pureed diet and is given a sandwich to eat, the resident could easily choke on the sandwich.

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