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Texas Jurisprudence and Ethics - DEMO


The Board also has the authority to require certain evidence of ongoing competency and to audit any nurse for such evidence as a stipulation for re-licensure. Additionally, the Board has the power to restrain the license of any nurse who violates any provision of the BON rules and regulations, ranging from reprimand or remedial education to license revocation, which only occurs in the most severe cases of inappropriate behavior. The Board of Nursing serves as a resource to the nurses of Texas by providing guidance related to the nurse’s safe and legal nursing practice as stipulated in the Texas Nursing Practice Act. Remember that each state has its own Nursing Practice Act and the rules and regulations in Texas may differ from those of other states. It’s the responsibility of each nurse to be knowledgeable and practice nursing in accordance with the Nursing Practice Act of the state in which the nurse is practicing. Professional organizations have no such regulatory powers. They may serve their membership in legal disputes, promote enhanced working conditions, provide employment services, and may further the continuing education of their members in areas other than those expressly directed by the Board.
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