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South Dakota LPN IV Education - DEMO


Section 1: South Dakota IV Legal 

Course Description:

It is imperative that all nurses understand the rules and regulations set forth by the state that governs the nurse’s practice. Each state has rules and regulations that differ from one another, therefore it is necessary for each nurse to know the specific state(s) in which he or she practices; guidelines, rules and laws. The following information guides facilities, organizations, and all licensed nurses regarding the board’s guidelines pertaining to infusion therapy practices.  This course will guide you through the South Dakota State Board of Nursing (BON) website to all documents that impact the provision of infusion therapies by nurses.  It is always recommended that the Board’s website be checked independently as any state board can append, amend and change the rules and regulations that nurses are expected to follow.


Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

1. Name 3 specific IV related tasks the South Dakota BON states may not be performed by licensed practical nurses.
2. Identify the role of the registered nurse and in the performance of IV Therapy.
3. Discuss principles of delegation.


Chapter 1: Nursing Regulations and State Boards of Nursing

  • Boards of Nursing
  • Nurse Practice Acts
  • Licensure

Chapter 2: South Dakota State Board of Nursing

  • Mission
  • Board Meetings
  • Journal

Chapter 3: Nurse Practice Act

  • Statutes and Rules

Chapter 4: Scope of Practice

Chapter 5: Delegation

Chapter 6: Advisory Statements or Opinions

  • Advisory statements pertaining to intravascular and infusion therapies

Author's note:

This course will link to the South Dakota Board of Nursing's website. The Board may move pages within their website that will render our links broken. This is out of the author's control. Should you encounter a broken link, please use the "report a problem" button at the top of the page to report the issue, so that we may find the correct link to the South Dakota BON website.

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