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Mindfulness in Nursing - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction

In 2015, during the Miss America Pageant, Miss Colorado, a Registered Nurse, gave a specific account of an experience she had while connecting with a patient, and how the power of the connection changed the way she was able to care for her patient. This visual monologue was an eye opener for many across the nation, as it not only defined the role of the nurse in the care of the patient, but it went further by showing how the nurse’s empathy, compassion, and mindfulness, influenced the healing process for the patients they care for.

This is just one account of how the mindful nurse can improve processes and outcomes. But how does one get to the point of mindfulness? This course will help those who are struggling to find “the importance of mindfulness, compassion, and presence as key competencies for professional nurses across the career span in all healthcare settings." 9

The purpose of this course is to help nursing professionals identify burnout and what steps they can take to becoming a more mindful practitioner.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the demands placed on nurses today
  • Recognize burnout and its implications
  • State the statistics of nurse burnout
  • Define mindfulness
  • Recall the momentum and proponents of mindfulness
  • Name the mental and physical benefits of becoming a Mindful Nurse
  • Explain how the mindful nurse improves patient outcomes
  • Demonstrate the role of the nurse leader in identifying the need for mindful practice
  • Give examples of some notable barriers to implementing mindfulness in the healthcare setting
  • Apply the benefits of mindfulness training
  • Identify and describe the different mindfulness training techniques


Chapter 1: Introduction – The impact of Mindfulness on Nursing

  • Mindfulness in Nursing
  • Todays Nursing Demands

Chapter 2: Defining Burnout

  • What is Burnout?
  • Implications of Burnout
  • Burnout Metrics

Chapter 3: Defining Mindfulness

  • Achieving Mindfulness
  • The Momentum of Mindfulness
  • Proponents of Mindfulness

Chapter 4: The Mindful Nurse

  • Becoming The Mindful Nurse
  • Improving Self-Care
  • Mindfulness Improving Outcomes
  • The Mindful Nurse Leader

Chapter 5: Developing and Supporting Mindfulness

  • Barriers to Improvement
  • Recommendations for Practice
  • Stress Reduction Classes
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Mindfulness Based Practices

Chapter 6: Conclusion and References

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