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IV Push Medications - DEMO


So, how do IV push medications differ from IV infusion medications? That’s the question we will explore in this course. IV push medications are manually administered from a syringe directly into the venous system through an intravenous catheter or needle. These medications are generally concentrated and usually of a small volume. They may also be administered from a syringe into the side port of an existing IV solution or medication administration set.

Another term for IV push is IV bolus. IV infusion medications, sometimes called IV piggyback medications, on the other hand, are added into a compatible IV solution bag to dilute the medication and are then infused through an IV administration set, either by gravity or with the use of an electronic infusion device (EID). Although all medication administration requires diligence on the part of the clinician giving them, IV push medications carry special risks of which the clinician must be aware.

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