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Introduction to Dementia - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction to Dementia

Education and training in dementia care for health care staff has been identified as a priority by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). In August 2011, CMS released a memo explaining that the Affordable Care Act mandates enhanced annual nurse aide in-service training, specifically in the areas of dementia care and resident abuse prevention. More and more emphasis in ongoing training for all health care providers is very likely as the population ages. Many have said that Alzheimer’s disease, the major cause of dementia, will be the defining ailment of the Baby Boomer Generation.

Alzheimer’s and other dementias are getting more attention than ever as the population in America ages. The National Alzheimer’s Project Act is likely to be funded soon. This Act is designed to fight a disease that will cost us an estimated $200 billion annually. The Alzheimer’s Association has estimated that the figure could rise to $1 trillion by 2050 if no cure is found. The national strategy on Alzheimer’s disease aims to halt Alzheimer's by 2025. That admirable goal is a long way off, and thus it is critical that health care providers be knowledgeable about the dementias so that they can provide the highest level of care for those suffering from this serious public health problem.

Q: [CMS] - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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