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Healthcare Limitations and Patient Requests - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction - Defining Necessary Care

Health Care Limitations and Patient Requests


An online continuing education course for nurses, medical health professionals, and other interested individuals working in a correctional setting.


Although medical care is delivered in the correctional setting based on the same standards as care delivered in the community; the secure setting and legal status of the patient population place constraints and obligations on care provision. Clinical decision-making is also affected by safety concerns in a closed setting that includes potentially violent and often mentally disturbed individuals.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the limits of health care practice in a correctional setting
  • Describe the effect of responding to common patient health requests
  • Manage requests for medical involvement in custody procedures

Requirements for successful completion are to view the module, participate in the interactive checkpoints, and complete the post-test.


Chapter 1: Introduction – Defining Necessary Care 

Chapter 2: Managing Patient Requests  

Chapter 3: Managing Custody Staff Requests

Chapter 4: Text Content

Chapter 5 -:References

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