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First Aid - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction


Welcome to our First Aid Course based upon the American Heart Standards and Guidelines.  In this course, you will learn the basics of first aid, the most common life-threatening emergencies, how to recognize them, and how to provide basic first aid care to the injured.

What You Will Learn

Our goal for you in this training course is to learn to respond; not react to a medical emergency.  There are many people who are just simply afraid to respond to an emergency for fear they make things worse or that they may be sued.  Recognizing that something is wrong and then calling 9-1-1; will not hurt anyone else and may in fact save a life.  We will also discuss the “Good Samaritan” laws that will protect you from being sued for rendering first aid to the public.

Successful Completion of This Course

During this course, you will be asked to perform quizzes, watch videos, and a final exam.  Once you complete all the requirements you will receive a certificate of completion.

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