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Correctional Healthcare Processes - DEMO


Healthcare is provided in secure settings through several standard processes. These processes assure that necessary care is consistently delivered and that patients have access to health care when they think they need it. Healthcare begins upon entry into the facility through an intake assessment and continues throughout confinement. Acute needs are handled through the sick call process while chronic diseases are managed through chronic care clinics. Medical and mental health emergency care is also managed. Often called man-down situations, healthcare staff can be called to any area of the facility to assess and treat a health emergency. Continuing treatment and monitoring takes place in an infirmary or observation area. Some facilities may have a long-term care program within the infirmary or an entire facility may be designated for care of those inmates with long-term or hospice needs.


After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the process and purpose of an intake health screening
  • Explain key components of the ambulatory care processes of sick call and chronic care clinics
  • Summarize issues in addressing subacute and long term care in a correctional infirmary
  • Outline safety concerns in responding to a man-down emergency call
Requirements for success completion are to view the chapter videos, answer the case scenario questions, and complete each chapter’s review question. A final exam must be completed. You may find the “final” exam under the Take My Test tab. A score of 80% or higher is needed to pass the course. After a successful test score, please complete the Course Evaluation then you may print your Certificate of Completion.
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