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Blood and Body Fluid Spill Management - DEMO


Biohazardous materials include certain types of recombinant DNA; organisms and viruses infectious to humans, animals or plants (e.g. parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions, rickettsia); and biologically active agents (i.e. toxins, allergens, venoms) that may cause disease in other living organisms or cause significant impact to the environment or community. Staff should be cognitive of hazardous materials that include bloodborne pathogens, caustic chemicals, and other disinfectants. Staff should obtain a red biohazard bag in order to dispose of biohazardous waste.
Q: [Bacteria] - Microorganisms that may potentiate disease and infection [Image]
Q: [Cognitive] - Behaviors that place primary emphasis on mental or intellectual processes
Q: [Pathogens] - Disease-producing microorganisms [Image]
Q: [Recombinant] - Recombinant human protein is human protein that is produced from cloned DNA.
Q: [Recombinant DNA] - DNA that has been created artificially
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