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Becoming an Independent Nurse Consultant - DEMO


Chapter 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset


With all of the changes going on in health care nurses are needed to serve many problems. The case management field is one prime example where nurses work directly with consumers, their families and physicians. This is also a specialty in Nursing where the nurse can go independent and become an entrepreneur and work for his or himself. The costs of healthcare are spiraling out of control in many different areas and nurses can carry many of the solutions directly to the consumer. This is where this course can help you launch a business of your own by taking your business directly to the consumer for potential cost savings as well as to increase quality of care. If you are a nurse case manager, this is an awesome opportunity to support physicians and the rest of the healthcare team to address what is needed to get done for the patient, even if he/she is at home. You are able to create relationships with your patients and families, as well,  so that they can understand their medications, the situation, insurance concerns, increase advocacy, or help them understand the disease processes better from this vantage point. This course is designed to help increase the quality of care out in the field by help ease transitions in care. The nurses who take the entrepreneurial route and start their journey most times will not want to return to being an employee after taking the leap. It's up to you to take the risk but the reward is very great for both of you, your patients, families, physicians and healthcare outcomes across the board in many arenas in our profession.

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