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Avoiding Service Delays and Missed Diagnosis - DEMO


Chapter 1: Service Delays and Medication Prescribing

Audience- An online continuing education course for nurses, medical health professionals, and other interested individuals working in a correctional setting

Delivering healthcare in a correctional setting requires creativity and determination. Healthcare staff must understand the processes and services in place in a particular facility in order to properly create and manage treatment plans for patients under their care. In an environment where healthcare is not the primary priority, treatment goals can easily be sidelined. The more you understand about the processes of diagnostics and treatment in your particular setting, the better health care you will be able to deliver.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe factors that might affect the timely delivery of health care services.
  2. Outline medication procurement factors that affect medication prescriptive practices.
  3. List factors that may lead to missed clinical diagnoses.

Requirements for success completion are to view the module, participate in the interactive check points, and complete the review questions and post test.


Chapter 1: Service Delays and Medication Prescribing

  • Causes of Service Delays
  • Medication Availability
  • Medication Ordering
  • Formulary and Non-formulary Medications
  • Interaction Point #1
  • Additional Resource: Six Challenges Managing Medications that make Correctional Nursing Unique

Chapter 2:  Missed Diagnoses and Legal Considerations

  • Common Causes of Missed Diagnoses
  • Court Orders and Consent Decrees
  • Death in Custody
  • Interaction Point #2
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources:
    • What is a consent decree?
    • Jailhouse Legal Manual: Your Right to Adequate Medical Care 
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