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Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment - DEMO


Dementia represents a group of disorders characterized by memory dysfunction. There is a loss of cognitive functioning (Latin: cognoscere, “to know, to conceptualize, or to recognize.”) that is the consequence of a variety of diseases and medical conditions affecting the human brain.

Dementia results in a loss of functioning in memory and one or more additional cognitive deficits (Snyder, Nussbaum & Robins, 2006). Deficits in additional cognitive domains include those of attention, thinking, producing and understanding language, judgment, problem-solving, and behavior. Neuropsychological symptoms such as apathy, agitation, and depression are also common in the dementias. These will be discussed later.

Memory impairment is often noticed early. However, other cognitive problems such as disinhibition, self-control, and self-regulation seen in executive dysfunction may also present early.
Q: [Cognitive] - Behaviors that place primary emphasis on mental or intellectual processes
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