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A PICC, which is an acronym for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, is a venous access device that is inserted in the arm by placing an introducer through the skin directly into the basilic, cephalic, median cubital, or brachial vein, and then advancing the PICC catheter into the vein, through the introducer, to the point where the distal tip of the catheter lies at the cavoatrial junction where the Superior Vena Cava meets the right atrium of the heart. The catheter is secured with a securement device and sterile dressing.

Q: [Catheter] - A hollow tube made of plastic used for accessing the vascular system [Image]
Q: [Distal] - Furthest from the heart; furthest from point of attachment; below previous site of catheterization
Q: [Vein] - A blood vessel that carries blood from the body to the heart [Image]
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