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Spiritual and Cultural Needs - DEMO


Many health care professionals, even chaplains, often miss the person’s web of meaning due to a prevailing Christian or even Judeo-Christian understanding of individuality, which is defined as specific characteristics distinguishing one person from another.  Interdisciplinary teams (doctors, nurses, social workers, and nursing assistants) usually rely on chaplains to serve as an interpreter of the spiritual/cultural dynamics of the individual.  Yet members of the interdisciplinary team who observe and work with the person and their significant others make significant contributions to understanding the spiritual/cultural dynamics of the family.  It is when the interdisciplinary team’s web of meaning encounters the person and significant others’ webs of meaning that conflicts may arise.  Thus, when working with a person experiencing an illness, all members of the health care team need to be aware of their own web of meaning as well as the person and significant others’ webs of meaning.  Only after this is done can the health care professional develop a culturally competent care plan.

Q: [Interdisciplinary Team] - A care team composed of a core group of medical professionals including physicians, nurses, and social workers
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