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Basics of Peripheral IV Therapy; Current Standards of Practice - DEMO


The role of vascular access device insertion and administration of various infusion therapies is no longer exclusively the role of the nurse. Many healthcare professionals such as respiratory care practitioners, radiologic technologist, emergency medical technicians, and paramedic’s scope of practice now identify and define the role, responsibility and accountability of the clinician in vascular access device insertion and provision of infusion therapies.

The licensed healthcare professional who chooses to engage in IV therapy administration must have knowledge of the legal implications and professional responsibility this entails. Increasingly, infusion therapy is becoming more commonplace in all healthcare settings. Studies have reported that 61% of the most serious adverse drug events are related to IV therapy.

A solid knowledge of the fundamental practices and principles of infusion therapy are necessary to achieve positive outcomes for the patient. Infusion related lawsuits are at an all time high. The practitioner should have a sound understanding of the legal process and knowledge of the standards that are expected from a healthcare professional practicing IV therapy.

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