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Current Practices in the Management of Central Lines


There are many advantages of the central line:

• Multi lumen catheters allow for the infusion of incompatible solutions
• Reduces the need for venipunctures for lab specimen withdrawal
• Preserves the peripheral vascular system for future use
• Allows for the rapid administration of fluids or large volume of fluids
• Allows the administration of medications that are not appropriate for peripheral administration




Q: [Lumen] - Inside opening of a closed vessel or catheter [Image]
Q: [Incompatible] - Incapable of being mixed or used simultaneously without undergoing chemical or physical changes or producing undesireable effects
Q: [Peripheral] - Lying at the outside or away from the central part
Q: [Volume] - Quantity or amount of occupied space
Q: [Catheter] - A hollow tube made of plastic used for accessing the vascular system [Image]
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