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Fall Prevention: Guidance on Nursing Home Falls and Legal Liability - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction

Falls are a leading cause of injury in nursing homes. Because of this, nursing homes, and especially nurses who have direct care responsibilities, have a duty to help protect residents from falling. However, any failure to do this, can make the facility and nursing staff responsible for injuries caused by falling. Not every resident fall is preventable, and not every injurious fall will lead to a lawsuit. But if the nursing staff fails to take reasonable steps to prevent falls from occurring, that can lead to negligence claims. Resident falls are presently responsible for a large number of lawsuits against nursing homes. The purpose of this course is to provide facilities and nursing staff with guidance on the best ways to prevent resident falls, while at the same time, avoiding legal liability.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common causes of falling/risks for falls. 
  • Explain the fall prevention process.
  • Recognize the risk of legal liability in nursing homes.
  • State areas of nursing liability.
  • Determine liability issues with the utilization of restraints, side rails, and fall or position change alarms.
  • Discuss liability concerns related to incident reports, charting and documentation.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Risk of Legal Liability

Chapter 3: Areas of Nursing Liability

Chapter 4: Fall Prevention Process

Chapter 5: Avoiding Legal Liability

Chapter 6: Specific Liability Topics

Chapter 7: Incident Reports, Charting, and Documentation

Chapter 8: Case Study



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