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Guidance on Avoidable Falls and Position Change Alarms - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction F-tag 689

To provide long-term care nursing facilities (administrators and nursing staff) with practical guidance on meeting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s F-tag 689 requirements related to Accidents. Emphasis will be given to meeting the regulatory requirements concerning Avoidable Accidents (falls) and Position Change Alarms (PCAs). The clinical approach to meeting CMS guidance related to preventing falls and use of PCAs will be discussed.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List the regulatory requirements related to F-tag 689 (Accidents)
  • Explain how accidents (falls) and PCAs are defined and reviewed for survey compliance
  • Describe the step-by-step clinical process of fall prevention
  • Discuss the clinical role of PCAs in the fall prevention process
  • Define the survey procedures, such as the Accidents Critical Element Pathway and Physical Restraints Critical Element Pathway
  • Recall the surveyor probes used to guide the investigative process of falls and PCAs. 


Chapter One: F-tag 689 (*)

  • Intent
  • Definitions

Chapter Two: Falls

  • Types of Falls
  • Consequences
  • Risk Factors

Chapter Three: Position Change Alarms (PCAs)

  • PCAs
  • Clinical uses of PCAs
  • Which residents' benefit from PCAs
  • Are PCAs Restraints
  • Common Concerns Associated with PCAs
  • Effective Use of PCAs
  • Selecting a PCA

Chapter Four: Clinical Process Aimed at Preventing Avoidable Accidents

  • Step 1: Assess Fall Risk
  • Step 2: Multidisciplinary Evaluation
  • Step 3: Care Planning
  • Step 4: Identify Supervision Needs
  • Step 5: Monitoring
  • Step 6: Post-Fall Assessment
  • Summary

Chapter Five: Accidents Critical Element (CE) Pathway

Chapter Seven: Physical Restraints Critical Element (CE) Pathway

Chapter Eight: F-tag 689 Case Studies

Chapter Nine: Summary

  • Summary
  • References
  • Appendix
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