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Fall Prevention: Guidance on Utilizing Fall Alarms - DEMO


Chapter 1: Introduction

About this course

Fall alarms serve as an "early warning system"; they alert nursing staff when “fall risk” patients (*) are engaging in activities that are likely to result in falls. Fall alarms can play a vital role in helping staff to prevent falls. However, the inappropriate selection and/or misuse of fall alarms may actually predispose patients to falls and injuries. The purpose of this course is to provide hospitals and long-term care facilities with guidance on the appropriate utilization of fall alarms in reducing fall risk.

(*) The term ‘patient’ is used to refer to both acute hospital patients and long-term care residents.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the appropriate clinical utilization of fall alarms
  • List criteria for the appropriate selection of fall alarms
  • Explain the maintenance of effective fall alarms


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Fall Prevention Process

  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Care Plan
  • Post Fall Assessment
  • Follow Up

Chapter 3: Types of Fall Alarms

  • Pressure Pad Alarms
  • Pull-String Alarms
  • Floor Mat Alarms
  • Built-In Alarms
  • How Fall Alarms Work

Chapter 4: Common Uses of Fall Alarms

  • Warn Nursing Staff
  • Warn Patients
  • Alternative to Nurse Call Bells
  • Assessment Tool
  • Nursing Aid

Chapter 5: Indications for Fall Alarms

  • Criteria
  • Risk Factors
  • Periods of High Fall Risk
  • Clinical Process Uses

Chapter 6: Selection of Fall Alarms

  • Identify a Multidisciplinary Team
  • Identify Patients Benefiting from Alarms:
  • Identify Specific Patient Groups

Chapter 7: Choosing the Right Alarm

  • Potential Patient Conditions Interfering with Fall Alarms
  • Choosing the “Right” Fall Alarm for Staff
  • Purchasing the “Right” Fall Alarm

Chapter 8: Maintaining Effective Fall Alarm Systems

  • Staff Error
  • Organizational Error
  • Alarm Error
  • Patient Error
  • Strategies for Improving the Effectiveness of Fall Alarms

Chapter 9: Auditing Fall Alarms

  • Audit Process

Chapter 10: Keys to Success

  • Organizational Support
  • Staff Education
  • Fall Alarm Maintenance
  • Audits
  • Nurse Champion

Chapter 11: Are Fall Alarms Over-Used?

Chapter 12: Case Studies

Chapter 13: Appendix

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